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The USA claim to have evidence that Huawei can spy on networks of telecommunications

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Les USA affirment avoir la preuve que Huawei peut espionner les réseaux de télécommunications

The us administration claims to have evidence that can spy on the telecommunications networks. This umpteenth twist perfectly illustrates the critical situation that had developed. In order to properly identify the context, you should know that this conflict target, indirectly, the state power and chinese President Trump negotiates a trade agreement, but it is also the technological advance of China in the field of telecommunications and the 5G.

A true fool’s game is installed between the administrations in the chinese and american phases of relief as the G20 in June 2019 and other periods of conflict, for example when the House of representatives adopted a law prohibiting the u.s. government to purchase of the telecommunications equipment Huawei. These new charges are therefore part of a process of negotiations more wide appears to be continuing indefinitely…

Backdoors ?

The final revelation comes, Huawei reportedly installed back doors in its systems to access sensitive data. A situation that would last for more than a decade now. Robert O’brien, national security adviser, said : “we have evidence that Huawei has the ability to access secret information is sensitive and personal in the systems it maintains, and sells in the world”. But according to the , who reports the words of us officials, these backdoors aren’t illegal, and they have just been installed to allow the authorities access to telecommunications networks. This case, the base stations with the antennas, but also the switching facilities.

Huawei was quick to respond : “We deny strongly the allegation that we retain such a capacity. We also deny that we have ever accessed inappropriately to information or data on the clients […] the United States are not willing to examine the facts and evidence, and they will do everything possible to block our ability to provide products to communication networks around the world.”

In France, the historical operator Orange has chosen the european equipment manufacturers Nokia and Ericsson to deploy the network 5G and Free has opted for Nokia.