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The UN identifies 112 companies with activities in the israeli settlements

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Des nouveaux logements israéliens dans la colonie de Neve Yaakov, à Jérusalem-Est, le 30 janvier. New housing israelis in the settlement of Neve Yaakov, East Jerusalem, 30 January. AFP/THOMAS COEX

The UN has published, Wednesday 12 February, is a list of 112 companies with activities in the israeli colonies, and are regarded as accomplices of the establishment and maintenance of these colonies, illegal under international law.

“I’m aware that this topic has been, and will continue to be, a matter of controversy,” said the high commissioner for human rights of the UN, Michelle Bachelet, while emphasizing that this report is ” based on facts “.

This initiative to update the index is of no legal consequence immediately, but is intended to punish symbolically, the companies doing business with israeli settlements. This list does not constitute and is not intended to be, a process of judicial or quasi-judicial, ” said a press release of the united Nations, in an implicit reference to the fears israeli to see it be the basis for boycotts.

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On the 112 companies named by the UN, 94 are domiciled in Israel and 18 in the other six countries – Usa, France, Luxembourg, the netherlands, United Kingdom and Thailand. They are involved in a diverse range of sectors, from construction to the banking sector through oems indirectly helping the destruction of palestinian property or vacation rentals.

Airbnb, Expedia, TripAdvisor or Booking.com and Opodo are cited, as well as the food group american General Mills, telecoms giants Motorola and Altice Europe and, in terms of infrastructure, the French Egis Rail and Alstom. The services of Ms. Bachelet indicated that they have reviewed more than 300 companies.

A “victory” for the Palestinians

The list is the result of a resolution adopted in December 2016, by the security Council of the UN due to the abstention of the United States-which condemned the israeli colonization in the occupied territories and Jerusalem.

In the wake of its publication, the head of the diplomacy, palestinian hailed a “victory” for the international law and the Palestinians. “Publish the list of businesses and entities that operate in the settlements is a victory for international law and our diplomatic efforts in order to dry up the wells of the colonial system, embodied in the illegal settlements in the occupied palestinian Territories,” said Riyadh al-Maliki.

The israeli government has denounced, for its part, a ” surrender shameful to the pressures of countries and organisations that want to cause harm to Israel “. The ministry of foreign affairs of israel has, however, commended that ” the majority of countries refused to join this campaign of political pressure “.

The companies on the list are not intended to remain there indefinitely, the report requesting a revision and annual output if it is demonstrated that the activities in question have ceased.