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Should we be afraid of the coronavirus ?

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Appeared in December 2019 on a market in Wuhan, in central China, the coronavirus is still poorly known. It became, on January 30, a public health emergency at the level of the entire planet.

His death, at around 2 % according to the world health Organization (WHO), remains below that of the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which was 774 victims between November 2002 and summer 2003, with a mortality rate of 9,7 % far behind Ebola and avian influenza, respectively, 50 % and 60 % of mortality rate. As to its contagiousness, it also remains rather limited.

But the problem with the viruses, is their tendency to mutate. They develop over time abilities that can help them to become more deadly, or more contagious. Explanations in video.

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