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“You will die in 20 years”: existence under the weight of beliefs

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You will die in 20 years opens on a breach, announced by its title, which immediately switch the story into tragedy : the religious leader of a village of sudan told a mother that her new-born, Muzamil, only lived until his twentieth year. First feature film by Amjad Abu Alala and eighth film ever produced in the Sudan, You will die in 20 years is a story of learning fel by a superstition of the collective, which condemns his hero to live within a temporality that belongs only to him.

Strata of story

Amjad Abu Alala makes it sensitive to the strange report at the time of Muzamil, to capture this existence of living dead wandering in his village, condemned to be deprived of all the rites of passage, and the first time that make a life of a child and a teenager.

With this single device, the shadow of a bad omen on a life, You die in 20 years, manages to open a space, mythological, or parenthesis, waiting anxiously to discuss more widely the weight of death of any belief on the existence. Fable political, movie zombie, chronic social tragedy : the film is made to coexist all these layers of narrative in the round in a setting that is elegant and controlled.