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In el Salvador, the president calls on the army to Congress, and to cause an institutional crisis

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Des soldats des Forces spéciales armées salvadoriennes entrent au Congrès sur les ordres du président Nayib Bukele, à San Salvador, le 9 février. Soldiers of the special Forces armed forces el salvador to come to the Congress on the orders of the president Nayib Bukele, in San Salvador, on 9 February. Salvador Melendez / AP

The standoff continued on Tuesday 11 February in el Salvador, between the deputies and the president, Nayib Bukele, two days after its eruption surrounded by military members in the halls of Congress. The charismatic head of State has blasted the “lock-in” parliamentary plan of fight against the organized crime. In front, lawmakers from the opposition have denounced ” an attempted coup “. What cause a lifting of shields democratic beyond the borders of this small country (6.5 million inhabitants) in central America. Tenacious, the reformist president, 38-year-old tries, however, to defuse the crisis.

It is protected by dozens of soldiers and police officers, assault rifle in hand, that the president had occupied on Sunday, February 9, the tribune of the legislative Assembly (unicameral), where his party Nuevas Ideas (New Ideas) has no elect on 84 seats. The head of State, in office since June 2019, had treated the deputies of the ” good-for-nothing “, accusing them of blocking by refusing to sit on, a loan of $ 109 million for its plan of action to combat the criminal gangs in one of the most violent countries in the world.

Threat of insurgency

Mr. Bukele had referred to the divine in the face of a crowd of supporters. “God asked me to be patient,” he repeated, before applying to the mps an ultimatum of one week to complete the financing of its security plan. “Otherwise, I don’t opposerai not a popular uprising,” he said, referring to an article of the Constitution recognising the right to insurrection. According to him, the fact that the meps refuse to sit on to vote his plan is a rupture of the constitutional order ” which would justify an uprising.

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The reactions of outrage, however, Mr. Bukele has released a bit of pressure Tuesday, agreeing to comply with the requirements of the supreme Court, who had urged him ” not to make the use of armed force for activities contrary to the objectives set out in the Constitution.” “While we do not agree, we will comply with the order issued by the supreme Court “, was finally announced by the president.

The threat of insurgency has been denounced by Mario Ponce, a deputy of the Party of the concertation nationale (CPN, registrar) and president of the Parliament : “We can’t respond to the executive with a gun on the temple. “At the forum on Sunday, Mr. Bukele was sitting on the seat of Mr. Pontius to speak, accusing, provoking the ire of the parliamentarians of the opposition, who complained of the same voice” authoritarianism presidential “.