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A man indicted for the murder of the journalist northern irish Lyra McKee

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Lyra McKee, le 19 mai 2017. Lyra McKee, on may 19, 2017. JESS LOWE / AFP

She had been killed in April 2019, Londonderry, by covering clashes between the police and the New IRA, a group that republican dissident, fighting for the reunification of Ireland. Wednesday, 12 February, almost ten months after the incident, a suspect was indicted for the murder of the journalist northern irish Lyra McKee, announced northern ireland’s police force on Twitter.

The 52 year old man, a native of Londonderry, where the facts had taken place, must be presented to the justice on Thursday. In addition to the murder, the suspect was charged with possession of a weapon with the intention of a person’s life, and to have claimed its belonging to a banned organization. Three other people, who had also been arrested Tuesday, have been released.

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The spectrum of ” Disorders “

Lyra McKee, aged 29, was fatally injured on April 18, 2019 in the neighborhood catholic Area, in Londonderry, a town located on the border of ireland. A group of dissident republican New IRA, had recognized his responsibility in the death of the young woman, in a statement to the daily The Irish News, arguing that it is ” held to the side of the enemy forces “, in reference to the police force.

The city where the young woman was killed is also infamous for having been the scene of the Bloody Sunday. On January 30, 1972, british soldiers opened fire on participants in a peaceful march, making fourteen dead, at the height of the ” Troubles “. Violence against republicans, nationalists (catholics), supporters of the reunification of Ireland, and loyalists unionists (protestants), defenders of the continuation of the british Crown, before taking the end through the peace agreement of good Friday 1998. In the space of three decades, some 3 500 people are dead.

The peace agreement had imposed a withdrawal of british forces and the disarmament of the irish republican Army (IRA). But republican dissidents, struggling for the reunification of Ireland by force of arms, as the New IRA, created in 2012, remain active.

The question irish found in the heart of the negotiations between London and Brussels on the Brexit to find a solution avoiding any physical border between the Republic, member of the european Union, and the british province of Northern Ireland after the exit of the Uk from the european Union on 31 January.

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